Tempest (meddevi) wrote in pagan_shimmies,

Tapestry Dance Retreat News! - Providence, RI 9/29-10/2

Greetings all!

Very excited that we are just under 3 months away from Tapestry Dance Retreat here in Providence, RI - Sept 29th-Oct 2nd featuring internationally-acclaimed instructors Amel Tafsout, Alessandra Belloni, Artemis E. Mourat, Lee Ali, Anaar, & Tempest. We are half-way sold out, and the early-bird pricing ends on July 6th - for both the "all-at-once" package and to secure the special pricing for the payment plan.

If you've been looking for a dance retreat experience that goes beyond just learning movements/choreography, but also learning culture, history, music, and ritual within a supportive community experience - Tapestry will be a revelation. It's about expanding your dance from the inside out - mind, body, spirit.

Please write us if you have any questions about registering - we're happy to work with you to make this happen, because this is going to be an AMAZING EXPERIENCE, and to answer a frequent question, no, this will NOT be a yearly event, I don't know when I will produce the next one, but probably not for a while!

Complete info at http://www.tapestry-dance.com
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