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Vintage Silk Sari Skirt Co-Op

I recently took part in an Enwrapture Vintage Indian wrap skirt co-op order and received my skirt a few weeks ago. I only got one because I wasn't sure it would fit or if I would like it. I LOVE it! I plan on living in these skirts this summer. The fabric is vintage silk sari material from India and it is sooo beautiful. I think they would be lovely to bellydance in. I've decided to run a co-op in order to get wholesale prices and so other people can share my new skirt love. Please sign up if you are interested!

Pictures of actual girlies in the same skirt...

Pictures can be made HUGE by clicking on them here or in the gallery, here, there are also more pictures in this link.

Kate stats:
size 16, 47-35-49, with a 37" underbust measurement

My stats:
size 28, 59-61-71, with a 55" underbust

The plus wraps are 60-65" wide and fit up to a size 26/28. The regular size skirts are 50-55" wide and will fit up to a 14/16.

The prices are $8.50 for regular and $12 for plus size.

Please let me know what color you hate and an idea of the colors and print styles you like. I will do my best to send you stuff that I think you will love but it's just a big skirty grab bag so I don't know what I'll be working with.

Regular skirts come in the following lengths and are 50-55" wide:
Short - 20"-24"
Medium - 28"-30"
Long - 34"-36"

The plus skirts only come in the 36" length and the width is 60-65".

Co-op Fee: $1.00
Shipping to me: $1 per skirt

Regular skirts: $8.50
Plus skirts: $12

Please leave your order like this:

I like green, red and orange but I hate white and pastels, and smaller patterns are best for me.

Meshel L./ ladymeshel / zip code
ladymeshel @ yahoo dot com
1 med. skirt
2 plus skirts

sub total: $32.50
STH - $3 ($1 per skirt)
Coop Fee - $1.00

This co-op closes on March 22 and payments are due to ladymeshel @ yahoo dot com by then. Please cover your PayPal fees, a handy fee calculator is located here!

I am going to keep a spreadsheet online we can all see so you can make sure I have all your info correct, it can be accessed here.

Shipping to you will be calculated once they get here and are sorted for delivery, unless you are local to me (Madison, WI) in which case you can pick them up for free.

I think that is everything. Please feel free to ask any questions.

I am SO excited! I NEED more of these skirts in my life.

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