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Greetings: A question

Greetings! Hurray for the board, and I apologize for posting rather than commenting first...but I've been out of belly for a while, and don't really feel qualified anymore, except to say that it is awesome to see a male bellydancer - go you, ababalond. :)

But in getting into it again, I am hoping to fix what I have known to be a major problem of mine: restless and wavy hands. I seem to subconsciously like wrist circles far far too much, because I can't seem to stop doing them when I'm not paying attention. The overall effect is one of my hands belonging to some other body... a very nervous and wiggly one.

What are some ways to balance placing proper emphasis on hand/arm work as well as having hands calmly place emphasis on other feats of belly (or hips, or head, etc)? Are there any particular resources you might recommend?

Many thanks.
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